Turning Inserts

  • -EM Chipbreaker features: 

    -EM posesses higher machining efficiency than chipbreaker -EF. It can solve processing problems, e.g. chipbreaking and adhering of stainless steel.Recommended chipbreaker for semi-finishing of M-type materials.

    Popular Models: 

    CNMG120404-EM YBG202
    CNMG120404-EM YBG205
    CNMG120404-EM YBM153
    CNMG120408-EM YBG205
    CNMG120412-EM YBM253
    CNMG160608-EM YBM153
    CNMG160612-EM YBM253
    CNMG160616-EM YBG205


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